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Enterprise Contract Management Software for Energy Brokers

From speaking with energy brokers through the years, we have come to learn of the many problems they face in managing contracts between their organization and their customers, as well as the contracts their customers have with suppliers. As a result of this understanding, we have sought to address their problems by creating enterprise contract management software specifically focused on the energy industry.

What is Enterprise Contract Management Software?

Contract management software stores, tracks, and monitors contracts. It usually also supports creating tracking leads, closing sales, and creating contracts. The software often targets the sales team, but should also support leadership in understanding the health of the sales funnel.

Why Enterprise Contract Management Software Is Important

For enterprises that need to manage thousands of customer contracts, doing so can be tedious and time-consuming, not to mention prone to errors. Mismanaged contracts can lead to dramatic losses in revenue and customer service issues if not handled properly.  Furthermore, poor visibility into the sales funnel can result in the misallocation of resources to outright poor performance. With an appreciation for these problems, we created the Contract Management Portal (CMP).

The Contract Management Portal (CMP)

The CMP is an intelligent and easy to use tool designed to simplify and automate many of the tedious tasks involved in managing energy contracts. We’ve built the CMP to help brokers manage a large enterprise portfolio of clients and boost the efficiency of internal tasks, such as leads, contracts, commissions, customer administration, and portfolio maintenance.With an automated solution in place, brokers can easily stay on top of contract management and improve their customer service in the process. Here, we’ll discuss some features of CMP and the benefits that this system can bring to your business.

Contract Management Portal (CMP) Features

Available in a mobile app and web portal, the CMP tracks customer and supplier contracts to alert brokers when renewals need to be made, as well as payment and expiration dates. Core features include:

  • Commision Tracking
  • Custom Notifications
  • Contract Analytics
  • Customized Reporting
  • Searchability
  • Sales Analytics

Learn More about the CMP

If you are interested in learning more about our enterprise contract management software for energy brokers, contact us today!

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