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Enterprise Energy Management Software

Enterprises have unique energy management needs that a small business does not have. Aside from managing multiple properties, each business location may be vastly spread out geographically. This means that their energy could be supplied by multiple suppliers in multiple energy markets.

Likewise, each deregulated contract will come with different terms, and similarly, each invoice may differ based on their utility and supplier. This is a tall task for a single energy manager or energy broker without the right tools and solutions in place.

Furthermore, these organizations are larger and consume a lot more energy than SMBs because they often have hardware that pulls energy in ways a small business may not. Likewise, the stakes for managing the energy consumption.

So how can enterprises stay lean and develop an efficient energy management strategy? One crucial step would be to invest in enterprise energy management software able to track and analyze vast amounts of data and provide insights that lead to actionable results.

What is Enterprise Energy Management Software?

Enterprise energy management software satisfies the needs of an organization by managing its energy consumption across an entire portfolio of properties and utilities. Enterprise software is mostly designed to assist organizations on a corporate or government scale but can provide a benefit to any business.

An enterprise system should seek to organize and simplify data in a presentable format so that all members of an organization can access and readily understand the data for their own management needs. As a result, enterprise applications need to be both highly organized and missions focused, as well as scalable to the needs of a growing business. Albireo has designed enterprise energy management software for energy brokers and business owners to address those needs.

Albireo’s Enterprise Energy Management Software 

UtilityModule (UM) provides enterprise-level energy management for business owners. UM manages commercial energy usage for businesses by tracking utility data and organizing it in a centralized application. Complete with an intuitive dashboard and proprietary algorithms, UM can analyze data usage based on normalized weather patterns, historical usage, cost data, and much more to create predictive budgets that are accurate.

UM can also alert business owners when utility disturbances occur and provide them with a comprehensive overview of where efficiency is lacking at a specific location.

White labeled with the opportunity to be branded, UM allows energy brokers to significantly improve their service to their customers by providing complete energy management.

On the other hand, we developed the Business Intelligence Portal (BIP) to support brokers in every aspect of their business operations. From revenue tracking to managing new pricing opportunities, the BIP is designed to analyze and provide insights on vast amounts of data that can’t be handled manually.

The BIP assists brokers in managing their portfolio as it grows and becomes more diverse. Scalable and easily integrated, the BIP can make brokers more proactive at spotting inefficiencies in their own organization, as well as finding new opportunities for revenue and growth.

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Enterprise energy management software can help businesses handle both energy and financial needs at a large scale. Albireo has designed our enterprise software specifically for energy brokers and business customers. Not only do these applications help both parties better manage their energy data, but they also improve the relationship between brokers and business owners.For more information about our enterprise energy applications, contact us today!

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