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Digital Energy Management

Energy is frequently one of the largest cost centers for a business. Likewise, companies who manage their energy well, often times are on the right path to being operationally efficient. However, managing energy has historically been difficult, especially when a business is comprised of multiple locations. In this situation, businesses need flexible yet powerful solutions to manage their energy across their portfolio of properties. One way of accomplishing this is through a digital energy management system.

What is Digital Energy Management?

Digital energy management involves the application of information technology to the management of energy. It is not a new concept, but one that has evolved from simple building management tools to complex real-time demand management systems targeted at large enterprises.

But these types of systems, while beneficial for tracking equipment or peak demand, still often lack the ability to help small business owners plan for their future energy spend. Given this, Albireo has created UtilityModule, a tool that can be used for larger enterprises, but also fills the gap to address small business owners’ needs.

The Benefits of Digital Energy Management Software

Data is the currency of the digital world. Through energy analysis, we can gain insight into cost-saving strategies and improve energy efficiency, as well as utility comparison over a period of time. Aside from saving money, this can assist businesses in preparing budgets, as well as reporting.

Some of the best energy management systems utilize the ability to compare your costs over an annual basis so that you can forecast your energy budget more accurately. Our software goes one step further by comparing energy data, weather, and market conditions.

Investing in a Digital Energy Management System

Albireo offers its own digital energy management software, UtilityModule. This application allows for easy energy management, regardless of whether you are a small business or a large corporation. By using a digital energy management system, you can gain direct insight into what your cost and usage are for any given period of time and then optimize this data to garner savings.

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Albireo’s digital energy management platform helps businesses of all sizes track their energy data and assist them in creating an energy management strategy that is easily managed from our web and mobile applications. If you’re looking for energy broker or energy supplier software, contact us today!

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