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Energy Usage Dashboards for Better Energy Management

Energy management can be quite difficult for many businesses. Aside from the sheer amount of data they need to handle, much of this can be difficult to access and even understand.

At Albireo, we are passionate about transparency and efficiency in the energy sector. Likewise, we have built a number of energy usage dashboards for different sectors of the energy industry to help the whole industry mature.

For this article, we’re going to discuss why energy dashboards are important for businesses and what insights they can provide.

Why Energy Usage Dashboards?

Energy dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of your business’s most important, mission critical KPIs. For example, financial dashboards will project revenue numbers, while a utility tracking dashboard will project utility usage and cost data.

Our energy usage dashboards are no different. Whether it’s one of our applications for brokers, suppliers, or business owners looking to manage their energy, we have you covered.

Our goal with each dashboard is to get the right information in the hands of the right people, at the right time. With a clear overview of your business, you can spot opportunities to improve upon inefficient processes and find new opportunities to scale. Leverage insights from our energy dashboards to help you get there.

Insights from Energy Usage Dashboards

For a dashboard to be useful, it needs to be more than just data points. It needs to offer clear visualizations that require very little effort to understand or access.

We ingest the appropriate data, analyze it, transform it, and present it back in the form of knowledge. As we’ve stated on our blog before, we are in the business of deriving insights from data, not merely regurgitating numbers back at our customers.

Our goal is to create actionable takeaways that an energy broker, supplier or energy customer can use to better manage not just their energy, but their business. To do this we’ve created intuitive dashboards that provide both the hard numbers, as well as necessary analysis for more insight.

Albireo’s Energy Usage Dashboards 

At Albireo, we offer energy dashboards on a number of our products, including:

Our energy supplier dashboard in SAP is set up to help energy suppliers easily manage and bid on pricing opportunities. Our utility tracking dashboard UM helps customers manage their energy data and track it month-over-month to help spot inefficiencies and prepare more accurate budgets. Finally, BIP provides revenue and profit numbers for brokers to better manage their energy portfolio and business.

Learn More

Energy usage dashboards are just like any other software dashboard, offering data insights through data visualizations and an intuitive interface. Albireo offers dashboards in most of our energy-based products for brokers, suppliers, and energy customers. For more information or to try a demo of our products, contact us today.

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