Jul 11, 2018 | Trends, Technology

What is a Utility Bill Management Company?

A utility bill management company helps customers keep track of their energy usage by collecting and tracking data and providing valuable insights. Albireo accomplishes this by offering utility bill management software that tracks your energy bills and usage month-over-month to discover savings and efficiency opportunities.

Many small businesses struggle to keep track of their utility services and costs because they don’t have an effective data-driven solution in place. Utilities remain one of the biggest costs impeding small business development and expansion. Moreover, energy markets are not only difficult for a layperson to understand, they are unpredictable and subject to volatility.

Why a Utility Bill Management Company is Important

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Utility bill tracking and auditing is critical in monitoring your energy spending, which can fluctuate based on the volatility of the market, the seasons, and operational efficiencies. Furthermore, energy audits not only help business owners control spending, they also uncover opportunities for improvement.

From budgeting to reporting, incorporating a software-based solution can help your business control energy costs and save money. That’s why Albireo developed UtilityModule, a state-of-the-art utility bill auditing platform that tracks usage and costs for electricity, natural gas, oil, steam, water, and sewer, in addition to a variety of other functions such as energy budgeting and benchmarking.

Aside from the operational benefits of uncovering inefficiencies and reducing your utility costs, commercial energy audits can ultimately increase the value of your building and make your business more lean and competitive. Additionally, saving energy and sustainability efforts generate public relations benefits that you can advertise to your customers, further increasing your return on investment.


Stay on top of your energy spend and find opportunities for savings with an established utility bill management company like Albireo. Using UtilityModule, our data-driven software for utility bill management can help you control energy costs, increase efficiency, and budget accordingly for the upcoming year.

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