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Energy Data Software for Energy Brokers & Suppliers

Albireo offers energy data software for energy brokers and suppliers in deregulated marketplaces. From managing energy contracts to hosting online reverse auctions, we’ve created energy software designed to support every business operation energy brokers and suppliers engage in.

With so many choices available in the market, our suite of energy management products can help brokers and suppliers stand out by offering more efficient services and an overall better customer experience.

Let’s explore more of what makes Albireo’s products stand out from every other product on the market and what solutions it offers for energy broker and suppliers.

About Our Energy Data Software

When shopping for energy data software, you’ll encounter a wide heterogeneity of options on the market. Some focus exclusively on supporting one end user, broker or supplier, and other focus on specific types of products, such as utility tracking or reverse auction software. But generally speaking, most focus on one aspect of the industry.

In comparison, at Albireo, we offer an entire energy management platform for energy brokers and suppliers to track leads, sales, contracting, pricing opportunities, auctions, utility tracking, and business intelligence.

Our Energy Data Software Applications

  • The Contract Management Portal (CMP) to manage sales and customer contracting for energy brokers. CMP is a CRM designed to help brokers handles dozens of accounts across any sized portfolio.
  • The Supplier Admin Portal (SAP) to manage pricing opportunities, contracts with suppliers on behalf of their customers, and exchange documentation between parties.
  • EnergyAuctions (EA) to support brokers in running online reverse energy auctions to achieve the best contracts for their customers. Being fully transparent and auditable, EA gives energy customers control over their energy needs by opening up the number of choices available.
  • UtilityModule (UM) to help customers manage their energy data by tracking utility usage and cost. This benefits brokers by giving their customers another product to extend their service offering, as well as by giving them better energy management.
  • The business intelligence portal (BIP) to support brokers in managing their business operations at scale. With everything from revenue tracking to monitoring pricing opportunities, BIP is designed to support energy brokers in every aspect of their business.

Learn More

At Albireo we’ve developed energy data software to support both energy brokers and suppliers in every aspect of their business operations, to ultimately benefit their customers. This is what sets us apart from most other software manufacturers in the energy market. For more information about our products or to request a demo, contact us today!

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