Jul 16, 2018 | Trends, Technology

Why You Need Energy Data Management Software

The energy renewal rate in deregulated energy markets is a concern to every energy broker because if you cannot defend your customers, then you are simply replacing customers and not growing your base. By most estimates, the cost of acquiring a new customer is 5x greater than keeping an existing one.

Albireo’s energy data management software is designed to give energy brokers a sophisticated understanding of their business and their customers, to address their most pressing business needs.

Why Use Energy Data Management Software

Small businesses and enterprises have unprecedented choices for their energy needs that were not available just a decade ago. Today there are countless brokers and suppliers competing for a deregulated contract. The result of this is that the vast majority of the industry is engaged in a race to the bottom in regards to pricing.  Likewise, profits are depressed and most brokers and suppliers find it difficult to keep a customer beyond the length of the contract. To address this Albireo has created energy data management software that adds value and transparency to all touch points in the energy ecosystem, with the goal of helping all parties involved compete on value, and not just cost.

Energy Data management Software Benefits

By leveraging our energy data management software, brokers are able to improve their operational efficiency and support their customers in managing their energy, rather than simply executing on a price.

Using the applications in the Albireo suite, brokers are able to better track their customer contracts, schedule pricing opportunities, and manage all aspects of their own business with our business intelligence portal. They are also able to better assist their customers with utility tracking and budgeting and by offering reverse energy auctions.

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