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Energy Solutions for Your Customers

Albireo’s energy solutions provide energy brokers and suppliers with a 365 strategy by offering software for not only their business, but their customers as well. Using our online budgeting tools, customers can save money on utilities and prepare accurate budgets for the upcoming year.

With the level of granularity put into our software applications, businesses can uncover problem areas in their organizations and address them with energy saving policies and technology. Using applications like UtilityModule and EnergyAuctions allows for greater control over commercial energy needs, including budgeting, procurement, and energy monitoring.

Energy Solutions for Tracking Energy


UtiltyModule (UM) is a utility tracking software that helps customers by monitoring their energy usage by volume and uploading all relevant utility data into a single, interactive dashboard. With the ability to compare energy spend and usage month-over-month, brokers can assist businesses in budget creation, budget tracking, and contract management.

UM also allows users to set up customized alerts to notify them when usage or costs exceed a defined threshold. Equipped with this amount of data, brokers can effectively assist their customers in managing energy costs.


EnergyAuctions (EA) is an online reverse auction platform that finds the best pricing opportunities for your customers. Reverse auctions incentivize suppliers to offer their best available bid by reversing the bidding process and driving costs down. Furthermore, EnergyAuctions in coordination with the Supplier Admin Portal (SAP,) assists suppliers in their due diligence by providing them with all of the necessary utility and metering data of prospective customers within the auction platform.

EnergyAuctions also assists customers and enriches the energy market by providing a central platform for suppliers and customers to meet, promoting transparency in the bidding process, and providing post-auctions stats for suppliers to optimize their bidding strategies.

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Use our utility tracking software and reverse auction platform to solidify your customer relationships. From improving the supplier and broker relationship, to equipping businesses with the data they need to make informed decisions, our energy management system is revolutionizing the energy marketplace.

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