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Helpful Utility Management Services

Managing utilities is difficult. Whether you are trying to procure a reasonable rate, monitor usage, or plan for future years, it is hard work requiring specialized knowledge. Likewise, it can often be difficult to know where to begin. At Albireo Energy, we appreciate the challenge, which is why we have a team of energy consultants and proprietary software to help. Keep reading to learn how we can add value to your business!

Energy Procurement

Energy procurement is the process by which businesses source natural gas and electricity contracts that best suit their individual business needs. Typically this involves bypassing the utility for the supply of the energy and working with an energy supplier. Purchasing energy in this way is possible because of energy deregulation.

In deregulated energy markets Albireo can help your business with this complex task. To do this, Albireo acts the intermediary between your company and energy suppliers to find and negotiate the best contracts on your behalf.

In addition to securing contracts for individual businesses, Albireo can also help business join an energy aggregation.

Energy Aggregations

An energy aggregation refers to a group of businesses that join together with the goal of signing a deregulated energy contract as a group. By joining forces, businesses in an aggregation increase their purchasing power. As a result of increased purchasing power, businesses in aggregations often realize considerable cost savings by getting a lower contract rate.

We help businesses by organizing buying groups on behalf of numerous cities and franchises, and when it comes time to get pricing from energy suppliers, we often put the contracts out to bid as a reverse energy auction.

Energy Auctions

Like traditional auctions, energy auctions facilitate bidding and competition. However, in the case of an energy auction, the process is reversed. Instead of bidding the price up, energy suppliers bid the price down. Reverse energy auctions benefit customers because when suppliers compete, your business wins!

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