Aug 18, 2018 | Trends, Sustainability

Why We Should Save Energy

There are debates about why we should save energy that range from personal to political, but regardless of your beliefs, the fact of the matter is that saving energy is good for your business and you should make every effort to do so.

Reasons Why We Should Save Energy

There are many reasons why we should save energy, but here are a few we think you, as a business owner, will appreciate.

Reduce and Control Expenses

Saving energy will not only positively impact your bottom line, it can help reduce general uncertainties regarding future year financial projections. By using Albireo’s energy services, business owners can accurately project future year costs, thereby taking the guesswork out of one of the most expensive line items in a budget.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

With the help of Albireo Energy’s software, you can find ways to improve energy efficiency by identifying opportunities and threats that exist in your portfolio. By having the ability to view your consumption at the property, building, or meter level, you can get as broad or as granular as you need. This, in turn, allows you to plan for retrofits and other energy conservation techniques, and most importantly, track the energy savings on a monthly and yearly basis!

Do Good By Doing the Right Thing

Reducing your energy usage also reduces your environmental footprint. This provides great opportunities for your brand to become socially responsible and reap the benefit of your actions.  A Nielsen survey found that 66% of millennials were willing to spend more on products from brands that practiced environmental sustainability. With millennials’ purchasing power on the rise, this is a great opportunity to generate business. So while social responsibility may not have been an issue 15 years ago, it is essential in today’s marketplace if you want to remain competitive.

Do You Need Help Saving Energy?

We hope that reading about these benefits have encouraged you to save energy. At Albireo, we practice what we preach, and we would be happy to help your business do the same. If you need help reducing your consumption, reach out to us today and our energy consultants will assist you in achieving your goals.

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