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Energy Conservation Techniques In The Workplace

Staying energy conscious in today’s world has become increasingly important. For a business, it is not only beneficial to the bottom line but it is also the right thing to do for the environment.

However, many companies find becoming energy conscious is not as simple as they’d like. To help your business through the process, we have compiled this list of energy conservation techniques for the workplace.

Energy Conservation Starts with People

Conserving energy around the office begins with those who use energy – your employees. So to begin, focus on them. Your future decisions, as well as your progress, will grow out from a culture of conservation.

To help your employees understand why conserving energy is the right thing to do, you will likely need to help them see how conserving benefits them and not just your bottom line. There are many ways this could be approached, but one potential way is to help them realize that we only have one planet and taking care of it is important to their lives, as well as their children’s. To accomplish this, provide training and incentives. 

As employers, we think nothing of providing training for HR behaviors we wish to cultivate, so why should changing energy consumption behavior be treated any differently? Many energy consultants like Albireo Energy can provide talking points about why conservation is the right thing to do and suggest energy conservation techniques that everyone can adopt.

Conduct an Energy Audit

With the help of your employees, have everyone pitch in for a half day exercise to brainstorm ideas for conservation.  From the building maintenance staff who manages the elevator to the systems engineer who is managing your servers, the boots on the ground know best. Every member of your staff can contribute valuable ideas respective to their areas of the business that are likely ripe for energy improvements.

Once you receive the feedback from your team, compile and document the data in some logical way. We often do it by department or building depending on the size of the organization. From there, identify the high-value low-cost opportunities that have been sitting right in front of you. Address those, and gradually work your way through the list up to the more complex items such as significant retrofits.

Use Energy Management Software

Using energy management software can help you ensure your energy conservation techniques are paying off, and after all, we all want to see ROI!

Albireo Energy’s energy management software tracks and analyzes your energy consumption through our state-of-the-art energy dashboard and cost comparison charts.

Using our software platform, you can determine where your energy budget is going each month and hone in on areas that need improvement. Our software will also simplify the process of budgeting for future years so that you can more easily plan projects like retrofits.

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