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How to Save On Energy

If you are looking for ways your business can save on energy, Albireo Energy is here to help! As one of the premier energy consultants in the United States, we have helped small, medium, and large business save on energy through our three-step process which we will share with you.   

Step 1: Collect and Analyze

Albireo Energy’s mission is to make your energy and utility spend more efficient, in dollars, in management time and effort, and in operational efficiency. We do this by first acquiring your utility and supplier data through proprietary systems, delving into the granular level of your business. We then take that data and analyze it to optimize your pricing options. With this analysis, we can understand your business’ needs and can place you in a buying pool with similar companies. Suppliers are eager to win these large aggregations rather than bid out hundreds of individual accounts. This leads to rigorous competition.

Step 2: Optimize and Compete

With an aggregation created, we invite vetted suppliers to bid through our competitive, reverse auction platform, EnergyAuctions. The goal is to get your business the most competitive pricing, with the best supplier, and the proper contract terms, to obtain your best deal. We achieve this through the combination of our in-depth analysis, our customized aggregations, and our reverse auction; a process other brokers lack!

Step 3: Manage and Repeat

Once your purchase has been made, we continually monitor your account and keep you informed throughout the term of your contract. Likewise, we continually monitor the energy markets and look for future purchasing opportunities, always looking out for your next best deal to ensure that have a great energy deal into the future.

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We have entered a new era of best practices in energy and utility management, and Albireo Energy is ready to apply them to your business. Contact us today to learn more!

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