Sep 18, 2018 | Trends, Technology

The Importance of Energy Analysis Software

While managing energy data is important, it’s not enough for brokers and suppliers to gain granular insights into their energy usage. Data by itself does not tell the complete story. At Albireo Energy, we are cognizant of this, and we are also aware of how time-pressed most of our customers are. That is why we have developed energy analysis software that tracks all forms of energy data and translates it into meaningful, actionable insights.

What is Energy Data Analysis Software

Energy data analysis helps organizations make sense of the complex nature of energy data. It ingests relevant data and analyzes it to find patterns.  Sophisticated analysis software then takes it a step further and transforms that data into actionable insights. This is exactly what we have done with our software. Each one of our applications presents the findings from the data in an easy-to-use and intuitive energy dashboard that helps executives make effective decisions.

Albireo’s Energy Analysis Software

Albirely Energy offers a number of energy applications that analyze energy and business data which provides valuable insights to our customers. Our energy analysis software suite includes:

  • EnergyAuctions (EA) is an open, transparent, and auditable reverse auction platform. Aside from the basic reverse auction function, EA helps customers easily understand how the pricing will impact their budgets through real-time analysis of the bids.
  • UtilityModule (UM) helps customers manage their energy data through utility tracking and intelligent budgeting. By ingesting historical data, and combining it with weather and market data, UM helps provide peace of mind for future budgeting.

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