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The Benefits of an Energy Saving Monitoring System

Using an energy saving monitoring system is one step toward a more energy efficient and cost effective future. With the right system in place, your organization can significantly trim its energy expenses and identify future energy savings opportunities.

What is An Energy Saving Monitoring System?

An energy saving monitoring system in the broadest sense could be a company policy or technology that is in place to save energy. From a policy perspective, it could be any set of rules or guidelines that a company implements to deal with the conservation of energy. Technology options could range from building management systems to energy dashboards that monitor usage across all of a business’ properties. 

Why Use An Energy Saving Monitoring System

As a business owner, there are a few reasons why you should use energy tracking software. First of all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Tracking energy is the first step to saving energy. Next, by tracking your past energy usage, you can better plan for the future. Finally, knowledge is power, and understanding your usage profile will help when it comes time for a new deregulated contract.

To support business owners in achieving these goals, UM Technologies developed its state-of-the-art utility management software, UtilityModule (UM).  UM helps business owners track energy for all of their properties, across geographic regions for all common utility types, including electric, natural gas, steam, water and sewer.  The data is collected from utility companies and suppliers, analyzed, and then presented in an easy-to-use energy dashboard that can be accessed via the web or mobile app.

By leveraging UM, business owners can learn from their energy data and be proactive rather than reactive.  With historical tracking and future budget projection features, UtilityModule provides savings, budget certainty, and peace of mind.

UtilityModule (UM) Features:

  • Budget Creation – Create budgets for the upcoming year
  • Budget Tracking – Track usage and cost against budgets
  • Expenses – Track utility costs for electric, natural gas, steam, water, and sewer
  • Notifications – Receive notifications if energy usage or costs exceed a defined threshold
  • Contract Management – View and track supplier contracts
  • Invoice Management – View and track invoices from suppliers and utility companies
  • Benchmarking – Comply with EPA energy benchmarking requirements in cities like Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Cambridge, Philadelphia

Contact us today to learn how UtilityModule can benefit your business!

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