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What is an Energy Aggregation?

Since energy deregulation opened up, the opportunities for business to purchase energy from suppliers instead of utilities, there have been a lot of positive gains that are more than just a better price. One of those is energy aggregations. Energy aggregations have been implemented by cities such as Boston and Philadelphia, as well as corporate franchises such as Dunkin Donuts; but did you know that as a business owner you can also be part of an energy aggregation if you work with the right energy broker? If you are interested to learn how you can join an energy aggregation and save money, keep reading!

The Benefits of an Energy Aggregations

An energy aggregation is created when energy consumers are grouped together to increase their purchasing power. This is accomplished by sending a group of accounts out to bid with vetted energy suppliers. Since the energy usage for the group of accounts is more attractive to suppliers than any single, stand-alone account, the purchasing power of the whole group rises, and in turn, the price drops.

Historically, customers wanting to participate in an energy aggregation needed to be in specific municipalities, part of a franchise, or part of a private community; however, that is changing. Today, with the power of technology and its deep market expertise, Albireo Energy has created the largest buying pools in several markets. You can join one and unlock your best pricing.

About Albireo’s Energy Aggregations

Albireo Energy has created some of the most competitive energy buying pools serving tens of thousands of energy accounts across 14 deregulated states. By participating in our program, businesses can maximize their buying power and take advantage of competitive rates that result from bulk purchasing.

Albireo’s energy experts monitor wholesale markets to ensure optimal purchasing conditions. Once conditions are favorable, we auction the bulk aggregate load to qualified suppliers who vigorously compete for your business.

With extensive experience perfecting energy aggregations, we are the right choice to help your business obtain competitive energy pricing, and our endorsements by the cities of Philadelphia and Boston prove it! In fact, the Philly Buying Power and Boston Buying Power programs have saved businesses millions in utility dollars.

For more information on our energy programs and how Albireo can place your business into an energy aggregation, contact us today!

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