Jun 6, 2019 | Trends, Technology

What is a Master Systems Integrator (MSI)?

The MSI is fast becoming a building owner’s key strategic partner.

Building systems are becoming so complicated that it would take a super hero to manage them. There is a new super hero emerging in the building services market and it is the Master Systems Integrator (MSI). The MSI is fast becoming a building owner’s key strategic partner.

An MSI such as Albireo has cross-disciplinary expertise to create custom applications designed specifically for each unique building. They develop the software layers that ensure all systems communicate properly and information will be easily accessible and usable in real time. In addition, they focus on ways to save money by connecting systems to work in synergy. They also strive to constantly advance the building. In addition to their technical expertise, an MSI provides actionable insights to building owners to improve efficiencies, tenant comfort and price per square foot.

Single User Interface

The ability to monitor and manage every aspect of a facility through a single user interface can give owners the competitive edge in today’s sophisticated market. An MSI connects the building stakeholders with the information they need to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs, improve safety and improve tenant comfort. They also consult on all building technologies from security to building automation. An MSI like Albireo will take the time to understand the building conditions and develop plans and strategies to address the customized needs of their customers. With its wide array of services, Albireo can then provide the complete solution including installation and maintenance. Brian Pipkin, General Manager says, “Albireo often finds itself solving a problem that a customer doesn’t even know they have.”

Smart Buildings

A unified smart building approach is necessary to collect and analyze data from the building as a whole. Stakeholders need a partner with the expertise in IT and building automation to deploy fully interoperable automation and communications between systems. For instance, if a space has been empty for five minutes, the lights can be turned off, the thermostat adjusted and the door locked, all done with automations. Albireo maintains a library of proprietary drivers and is experienced with disparate automation, mechanical, electrical and security systems.

It’s more than data though, it’s also the insights gleaned from that data that are important. Customers will rely on partners like Albireo to embed analytics into their processes to translate the high volume of data into insight that points to action to achieve the potential of the building.

Better occupant experience and operational and energy efficiency is driving the market toward delivering full top to bottom smart building solutions. Albireo’s wide array of capabilities provides seamless integration of comprehensive Building Automation Solutions (BAS) and energy efficiency solutions. Services include installation and service, engineering, maintenance agreements and customer training. Albireo’s specialized teams can support new construction projects, retrofits, modernization projects or system support services and repairs in most industries.

Design Stage Integration

In new construction projects, the MSI is there in the design stages to help navigate the selection, connection and integration of the control systems, electrical systems, mechanical systems, IT, software and security. Albireo experts take on the headache of coordinating the demands of contractors and vendors to design the best, most efficient building or building system. Albireo has provided complex solutions to data centers, labs, commercial high rise properties, higher education institutions, schools, federal government buildings, military installations and healthcare institutions.

In addition, the MSI will collaborate with IT Departments and subcontractors to integrate legacy technologies. Existing buildings can be upgraded to Smart Buildings with the help of a dedicated MSI. Albireo can design, install and commission the IT network required to run current and planned systems.

The MSI Superhero

While the idea of one service provider to integrate all the systems in a building is new, it is fast becoming the way building management is moving. Therefore, it makes sense to capture all the data from the building systems, not just HVAC and electrical, but all the systems including security, fire protection, elevators, etc. and analyze it to provide the best and most economical solutions. Albireo can pull all the data together to translate into real business insights and inform decision making. A partner like Albireo, with a depth of cross disciplinary expertise in data analytics and cybersecurity, can be a competitive advantage. At this time, building stakeholders are asking if they want to invest in an MSI, but it’s only a matter of time before it will be necessary to have an MSI on the team.

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