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ENERGY STAR and Industrial Energy Management

Industrial Energy Management should be a top priority for facility managers but building an Energy Management Program for your facility is a challenge. The EPA recognizes the impact energy savings in the industrial sector can have and so created the internationally recognized ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR has designed programs to educate and guide facility energy managers in building a successful program. ENERGY STAR has made available resources to help build or enhance a program; tools to measure, track and benchmark energy usage; and recognition and certification programs to raise awareness and reward success. By becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner, you will join a network of leading organizations worldwide that includes sports teams, colleges and universities, whole towns, and Fortune 100 companies.

ENERGY STAR Certification

ENERGY STAR Certification for a facility or plant starts with an evaluation of eligibility. Albireo Energy is familiar with the elements required for compliance and can perform an evaluation of eligibility. Using industry specific Energy Performance Indicators (EPI), plants have to earn an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher to earn the ENERGY STAR certification. Once it has been determined that a facility qualifies, Albireo can help with the entire certification process, guiding the project seamlessly through design and implementation stages.

To begin creating or improving an energy management program for an existing facility, the current energy program is assessed. Albireo Energy performs energy benchmarking and site energy audits to determine this baseline for the building. We provide a comprehensive report on findings with recommendations for improvement measures. We will also manage the ENERGY STAR program requirements and submittals for the project. This includes identifying incentives and rebates that are available to help fund the implemented measures and reduce return on investment time.

Once an efficiency plan is determined, Albireo experts will manage implementing and monitoring solutions. Albireo’s access to best-in-class project management practices and equipment ensures that the savings goals will be achieved. Once certification is earned, banners, plaques and flags are available for display. ENERGY STAR is highly recognizable and can have a significant positive impact on a company’s brand, besides improving the bottom line with incentives and actual energy savings.


The ENERGY STAR Challenge is a call to action for industrial sites to reduce their energy intensity by ten per cent within 5 years. Over a thousand sites have participated and many have achieved fifteen, twenty and even thirty per cent reductions in energy usage. Albireo has assisted many companies to these higher savings.

The Challenge starts by establishing an energy intensity metric for the whole facility and selecting an energy tracking method. Albireo can perform the initial evaluation to establish the baseline. Once a baseline is set, the ten percent improvement goal is established. Albireo can assist with creating the formal site file and plan for tracking energy usage and getting the site registered with EPA for the Challenge. We will work with senior managers to select Energy Conservation Measures and the tracking methods to be used. We can then act as the third-party verifier and assist with submittals to the EPA to demonstrate Energy Savings. Upon EPA approval, ENERGY STAR recognition is earned.

Besides an official certificate from the ENERGY STAR Program and a congratulatory letter from the EPA, a profile of the company and their accomplishments will be posted on the ENERGY STAR website. ENERGY STAR marketing materials are provided for use in the company’s marketing campaigns to declare the significant achievement of earning the ENERGY STAR.

Industrial Focus

The EPA and corporate energy managers in individual manufacturing sectors have worked together to develop unique and helpful energy management tools in a program that ENERGY STAR calls Industrial Focus. Participating companies network among peers and share their energy management best practices. These industry specific tools and resources are available from the ENERGY STAR website and industry case studies are outlined for review. This is a tremendous resource for energy managers to incorporate into their bank of knowledge.


Many companies become ENERGY STAR Partners to obtain access to a network of experienced world class corporate energy managers in a non-competitive environment. With assistance from ENERGY STAR programs, energy managers can build energy awareness within their organizations and gain the support of employees and senior management to build a strong energy culture throughout their company.

Becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner is as easy as filling out a Partnership Agreement. There is no cost involved but significant payback in company branding and corporate culture.

Programs for Commercial New Construction

Commercial buildings stand for fifty to a hundred years and need to be competitive and sustainable. Designing a new construction facility to earn the ENERGY STAR will ensure the building will use less energy, have lower utility bills and generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Albireo has the expertise to assist in the design stage so that energy efficiency specifications are included and the project can meet the Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR program requirements. During construction, Albireo will verify that efficiency measures are completed according to the program including commissioning requirements. Besides ensuring that equipment is installed and performing as designed, commissioning responsibilities include developing a plan for operations and training staff. Give your new building a competitive edge by earning ENERGY STAR recognition.

No matter what your motivation, becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner is a smart move. If you are looking to accomplish any of these goals, we encourage you to reach out to us today:

  • Add value to your properties
  • Make your business more profitable by saving energy costs
  • Protect the environment

By participating in an ENERGY STAR Program, you will create momentum for your energy initiatives and establish best energy management practices for the future of the site. You can leverage the internationally recognized name of ENERGY STAR and demonstrate your firm’s commitment to protecting the environment. Albireo is here to help your energy management program gain the recognition it deserves.

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