STOP Operating Your Building and START Optimizing Your Building Performance

Facility managers and building operators are expected to consistently reduce costs and risks in the operation of their buildings. Add the ever-evolving climate goals and compliance requirements, and the challenge becomes more complex. But it doesn’t end there; the pandemic has emphasized the health, comfort, and safety of the occupants, which present more compliance and goals for the manager.

The solution lies with the Building Automation System (BAS). The automation and integration of the building systems improves energy efficiency, fault detection, safety and more. When installed, the BAS is programmed for ideal building performance across systems. If not properly maintained, the efficiency of the BAS can degrade over time. Maintaining optimal performance is a continuous process and requires understanding the data being collected and recognition of trends.

Common Issues

The most common issue that impacts BAS is users or building occupants altering the set points of building systems. A user will override the programmed setpoint to satisfy a need for the moment, and it can have a negative impact on other spaces.

The BAS system can have indicators of mechanical failure or loss of performance, but it cannot repair the equipment. This makes monitoring the data collected from the BAS critical.

Indicators of Issues

High energy bills and complaints from occupants are clear indicators that building systems are not operating at optimum levels or as designed. This happens after the malfunction has been going on for an extended period of time.

Repeat occupant complaints in a specific sector can be an indication that a sensor has gone bad, but ideally, a manager would like to know that the sensor was malfunctioning before the space and occupants were affected.


Awareness of system functionality in real-time is invaluable to facility management for planning purposes as well as maintenance and preventative measures. The BAS is busy collecting data that can inform management but most of this data is underutilized. The key is a transparent software platform that presents data analysis in simple to read single view.

Albireo Energy has introduced BEYOND analytics into the market. BEYOND is a software solution that pulls data from the BAS, the electric power monitoring, occupancy systems, lighting controls, physical access controls, HVAC systems, fire & security systems, and more. BEYOND normalizes the data to be used for analytics, custom algorithms and efficiency metrics, and compliance reporting. BEYOND brings the important data to the top; it filters, organizes and presents the metrics that are most important to facility management in a single pan dashboard.

Identifying trends to inform decision-making becomes simple. Identifying spikes in energy usage in real-time allows for speedy correction. Key performance indicators can trigger alerts on mechanical problems and other issues so next steps can be implemented. The BEYOND dashboard provides the knowledge building operators require to optimize their building’s performance.


BEYOND allows managers to have the data at their fingertips to spot and fix issues promptly. They can maintain the efficiency of the system and reduce operating costs and occupant complaints. BEYOND allows managers to understand consumption trends, improve energy procurement and control supply cost. BEYOND can ease the pain of compliance reporting.

BEYOND works 24/7. Data collection and reporting can be customized. Access can be on-site or remote. Dashboard features are comprehensive and can include all the connected systems in your building. The dashboard presents data analysis in understandable and actionable graphics.

Albireo works with you by conducting client workshops to identify the key performance indicators that are significant to your organization and the specific outcomes desired.

BEYOND analytics allow building stakeholders to maintain tighter control over building performance. By keeping the building’s systems operating as designed and within the parameters specified, the cost of ownership can be reduced. Funds released by these savings can be applied to other business opportunities.

The Albireo depth of services can provide you with all you need to build a data analysis platform that will enable you to maintain a healthy, safe and efficient work environment. The impact of understanding the data trends from the building systems will filter throughout the entire facility with reduced energy costs, minimized downtime, and increased, consistent comfort throughout. By partnering with the Albireo team, your organization can optimize your building’s performance which will benefit stakeholders, occupants and managers. Imagine the possibilities.

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