Get on the Energy Efficiency Bandwagon with ABB and Microsoft

“The greenest energy is the energy we never use” – Tarak Mehta, President, Motion Business Area, ABB

This quote was taken from a press release where ABB, a leading global technology company, announced that Microsoft has joined their Energy Efficiency Movement. The ABB Energy Efficient Movement is open to organizations prepared to make a firm commitment to improve energy efficiency throughout their operations. Microsoft is aiming for 100 percent powered by renewable electricity by 2025 and carbon negative by 2030. These goals align with the ABB Energy Efficiency Movement and ABB’s goal to become carbon neutral by the end of this decade.

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, energy efficiency measures implemented in all sectors of the United States has the potential to reduce electricity usage by 741,000 GWh. That is the equivalent of electricity usage for nearly half the United States for a full year. The DOE is referencing low-cast efficiency measures that can average about 4.6 cents per kWh to implement. The average kWh rates across America range from 10₵ to 20₵, indicating a short ROI because these relatively low-cost efforts can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Examples of Energy Efficient Measures

  • Selecting higher rated products and vehicles
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Energy Management and Control Platforms
  • Managing lights and appliances to turn off when not in use
  • Taking advantage of Utility sponsored energy efficiency programs

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) found that 502 electric utilities had energy efficiency programs in their annual survey. The programs resulted in an estimated 28,167,459 megawatt-hour (MWh) reduction in total annual electricity consumption. These utilities are looking for candidates to include in their programs that are mutually beneficial to the recipient, the occupants, and the utility themselves. Utility rebate programs can assist in subsidizing energy efficiency projects, making the ROI look even better.

The manufacturing industry consumes approximately 81% of the industrial energy consumption of the United States. Mercantile and office-type commercial buildings consume around 29% of the energy used in commercial buildings. Energy efficiency measures across these sectors can lead to significant and meaningful reductions.

When global corporations such as ABB and Microsoft commit to energy efficiency, the reduction of energy consumption in their own facilities and offices across their portfolio will be great. According to the press release, ABB has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations in 2021 by about 28 percent. An announcement of this kind from well-respected global leaders will have a ripple effect. Not only will they release highly efficient products which will directly save energy, but they will work their clientele to create solutions with energy efficiency in mind. And lastly, the example they set will influence other business owners to join in the commitment to energy efficiency.

Albireo Energy is committed to making a difference in the world by providing solutions that are grounded in climate preservation. One of our corporate Environmental Initiatives includes Energy Efficiency. We know that optimizing building and operational performance has the potential to reduce GHG by 40%. Albireo offers our sincere congratulations to Microsoft and ABB for their superior example of responsible and committed environmental advocates.

Albireo Energy is a worldwide provider of building technology solutions that optimize building performance. We have a vast portfolio of solutions to reduce energy consumption. We have intimate knowledge of utility and governmental assistance programs to make projects usage to join ABB, Microsoft and Albireo in committing to energy efficiency. Once you have completed the evaluation and review the recommendations and ROI, you will be amazed at how much impact your efforts will have.

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