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Manage Your Energy with Energy Bill Management Software

Energy can be one of the largest expenses for businesses of any size. That’s why it’s important for businesses to track their utility costs and consumption data to prepare more accurate budgets and discover opportunities for savings. There are multiple utility websites that can track utility data, but energy bill management software allows businesses to track all their energy consumption habits in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Energy Bill Management Software

Energy bill management software allows businesses to import and view all of their previous utility bills in one place. This includes electric and natural gas for as many business locations as needed. With a greater understanding of usage and cost data, businesses can identify and resolve potential issues or abnormalities, thereby increasing efficiency and savings.

This data enables businesses to make more informed decisions about their energy usage and management. This information also helps brokers gather a greater understanding of their customers’ energy needs and negotiate more favorable contracts on their behalf. This is why brokers should invest in Albireo Energy’s UtilityModule (UM).

How Utility Module Benefits Brokers

UtilityModule (UM) is energy bill management software that is part of Albireo Energy’s energy management platform. It is utility tracking software that monitors and analyzes utility and supplier invoices. UtilityModule also graphically depicts consumption data so businesses and brokers can obtain a better understanding of their past energy needs.

By understanding the load profile of their customers’ businesses, energy procurement is made easier for brokers. This information further helps businesses and brokers prepare an accurate energy budget for the upcoming year.

Why Use Energy Bill Management Software

UtilityModule allows businesses to actively track their energy data so they can identify potential issues. This technology also empowers brokers to more effectively assist businesses in their energy management and procurement needs. Best of all, UtilityModule improves the existing relationship between brokers and businesses by equipping each other with the necessary data to make informed energy management decisions.

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