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If you’re looking for reliability, efficiency and insightful expertise, you’ve found the right Data Center partner in Albireo Energy. We are your source for Electrical Power Monitoring Systems (EPMS). Your data center drives commerce and it is imperative that the electrical power you consume is clean and reliable.


Our team includes some of the brightest minds in the industry with decades of experience. Our EPMS provides monitoring, alarming and diagnostic solutions. The proprietary tools and dashboards we employ offer visibility to anomalies before they become critical problems. The best part? Albireo Energy is technology agnostic. We recommend the best solution for your operation regardless of manufacturer.

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Learn about the relevant metrics and how it relates to your data center and to your costs.


Data center managers are constantly under pressure to make intelligent infrastructure decisions. This can be a challenge when there are so many complex metrics to measure and many moving parts.

  1. PUE: Power Usage Effectiveness (cooling and electrical efficiency)
  2. kW/Ton: kW of power used for each ton of cooling (cooling efficiency)
  3. pF: Power Factor (kW divided by kVA) is used for UPS ratings and other efficiency measures
  4. Transformer Losses: kW of power lost due to heat dissipation from the transformer
  5. Transients per Month: Sub cycle power anomaly due to load or line issues on power distribution
  6. Generator Emissions on Paralleled Systems: What has less emissions: running 2 gens at 50% load or 3 gens at 33% load
  7. kW per Sqft: Data center density measure. How much kW is used per each square feet of usable white space
  8. Utility disturbances outside of ITIC: How many sag or swells are recorded on Utility disturbances that are outside the ITIC curve



Ali Aksu is the Managing Director of the Electrical Power Monitoring System Division of Albireo EnergyHe is the former owner and founder of Sky Technologies Incorporated, an Albireo Energy Company, a leader in the development, network integration and project management of energy monitoring systems with a focus on the financial services industry and mission critical facilities. 


Reliable power is a necessity for data centers to maintain 24/7/365 operations. Data center managers need sophisticated tools to monitor power quality, critical electrical infrastructure, and server capacity. They also require detailed alarm process flowcharts to configure alarms and protocols and provide remote support.


For nearly 20 years Albireo Energy has been providing Electrical Power Monitoring Systems (EPMS) to data centers across the globe, helping facility managers respond to escalating demands of today’s technology-dependent economy and its reliance on electrical power. Our EPMS offers real-time monitoring and alarming, and diagnostic solutions that provide essential visibility into the power infrastructure; ensuring reliable, high-quality power. Our tools and dashboards allow you to identify both acute and chronic problems, which can manage capacity of the data center, identify anomalies and inefficiencies, and prolong the life of your equipment.



Critical systems can experience problems without warning and can unexpectedly result in a shutdown of critical operations. System managers need to know immediately when these incidents occur in order to take appropriate action. Albireo Energy can integrate a remote monitoring system with any number of notification methods to ensure you are informed without delay. When an incident occurs, based on a custom designed workflow application, notifications can be dispatched by email, pager, text, radio or any combination in order to meet your specific requirements.

  • Setup remote notification systems for BMS, EPMS, fire and all related systems, tied into a central reporting system.
  • Real-time and historical tracking and reporting alarm data.
  • Real-time alarms for over/under voltage, amps, kW, and kVA.
  • Establish and implement standards for alarm management including flowcharts.
  • Remote notification of critical alarms via pager, radio, text, email or any combination.
  • Develop incident tracking system and link to critical BMS, EMPS, fire and other system alarms.

Megawatts of power metered


of Fortune 100 Companies


Million Square Feet Managed


While providing the installation, monitoring, and alarming of grid-supplied power, emergency generation, Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS), transfer switches, and other critical components of the power system, our team of experts can integrate virtually any BAS, fire, security, and electrical system and develop solutions with the analytical tools needed to mitigate risk and optimize available capacity before


Risk management solutions, to ensure consistent, reliable power 24/7/365


Standardized monitoring tools to manage power capacity with V, I, pf, kW, kVA, energy data real-time/min/max/mean readings


Trending and tracking critical loads to maximize facility capacity


Technology agnostic, to ensure you have the right products to meet your unique requirements


Powerful analytics and reporting features can be incorporated into your system to provide intelligent analyses that allow decisions to be made quickly. Critical information can be displayed in meaningful ways to help your staff better understand the status of your power systems. 

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly load and power disturbance reports
  • Ad hoc reporting capabilities to analyze virtually any aspect of the building or system
  • Integrate all BMS, EPMS, BCM, Fire and security systems to a central reporting system
  • Custom built applications to stream data live, in real-time
  • Custom built dashboards to handle unique monitoring requirements
  • Reports customized to your individual needs
    • Disturbance incidents
    • Power quality
    • Emergency generator parameters
    • Reserve capacities
    • Energy usage and demand
    • Historic trending
  • Whether you are planning on installing a new system, replacing existing equipment or simply enhancing your current capabilities, Albireo Energy has the expertise to help you implement the right solution that will provide the key to continuous uptime for your critical power systems.


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    • Energy Services
    • Fault Detection & Diagnostics
    • System Integration
    • Facility Engineering Services

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