Jan 29, 2020 | Trends

New Breed of Facility Manager

There is no doubt that the facility manager’s job is changing and evolving. It used to be great if a facility manager could keep the HVAC running, the lights working and show some energy savings here and there. Now, a facility manager must be aware of the occupant experience and integrate smart tech while monitoring and improving system outputs and energy efficiency. The new breed of facility manager has to deal with HVAC systems, smart lighting, data management, control software, the IoT and so much more. The vast number of products and their varying capabilities is enough to daunt the most experienced building manager.

Smart buildings have changed how the facility manager does his or her job. Automated control solutions, software and apps for day to day control, and data analytics give him the tools to inform decision making. Data collection is simplified by sensors and apps but must be organized and analyzed to provide any useful information. If the data outputs are understood by the facility manager, fault detection and performance issues can be addressed efficiently.

Instead of physically inspecting equipment and adjusting settings, the building manager can now perform those tasks from his or her office with a single glass pane interface. The modern facility manager needs expertise on smart systems and the IoT, data analysis skills and energy efficiency knowledge. The technology around these skills is advancing almost faster than managers can keep up with.

A manager can look to the manufacturer to fill the need for advice on the best equipment, proper settings and installation. The hole in this method is that they will specialize in their own line of products and opportunities for better suited solutions can be missed.

Master Systems Integrator

Smart facility managers are taking advantage of providers that can act as the Master Systems Integrator (MSI). Partnering with an MSI can reduce the uncertainty around building performance and the best solutions to improve it. The building manager only needs to define his goals for the building and Albireo, the MSI, can step in to evaluate the systems, smart technology, data management tools and the space usage. Albireo will provide solutions that integrate legacy systems with new in a comprehensive way to fulfill the building performance goals with the best ROI.

Albireo’s team has expertise on the latest and greatest technology without being tied to one product line. That means that Albireo will design a solution uniquely tailored to match your building’s existing conditions to advance the overall goals of the facility management. Albireo will take into account the occupant behavior and space usage, efficiency targets and current system performance. And Albireo can inform on the KPIs for all systems, including security, fire protection, elevators, HVAC, lighting and more.

Data Management

Facility Managers are now reviewing data on building performance on a daily basis instead of once per month as bills are received or the maintenance staff delivers reports. Sensors and the IoT are providing data constantly. Software must convert this data into meaningful reports with KPIs that are easily interpreted by managers. With increased regulation of building performance, compliance has become an important concern as part of the manager’s responsibilities and must be addressed in software programs.

Albireo has cloud based energy data management software that tracks usage to improve the budget process and meet compliance requirements. Albireo’s Fault Detection and Diagnostics service, BEYON-D, provides analysis that provides awareness of operational deficiencies and the impact they have on performance.

Ongoing Support

The facility manager’s work does not end when a project is completed or an adjustment in settings has resulted in savings. Buildings are like living things and must be monitored and improved for their full life cycle. Albireo’s team of experts remains available to offer guidance on day to day controls and analysis results to continue to improve system performance.

Managing a facility or building looks different today than it did twenty years ago, even ten years ago. But the smart manager should realize that instead of attempting to be the expert in all things, he or she only needs to surround themselves with experts. Partner with Albireo now, and they can guide you through strategies that can improve your building in all aspects for a better bottom line and better occupant experience.

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