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BI Software for Energy Brokers

Energy brokers handle a significant amount of data, including leads, customer contracts, pricing opportunities, supplier contracts, and business key performance indicators (KPIs). Many try to keep up with the sheer demand and volume of their work by using off-the-shelf solutions like a CRM and accounting software, as well as countless spreadsheets and documents. The result of this is often a lack of data integrity and continuity that leads to poor operational efficiency and potentially poor customer and supplier relationships. One way to address these problems is to adopt BI software for energy brokers.

What is BI Software for Energy?

Business Intelligence (BI) software helps businesses retrieve, analyze, transform, and report data for insights into how the business is operating. When applied to energy, it can help brokers have a better understanding of their performance in a deregulated energy market.

From leads to pricing opportunities to contracts, BI software can help manage all aspects of the energy relationship. It can also help empower the business financially by tracking revenue across all aspects of the portfolio.

Albireo’s Business Intelligence Portal (BIP)

Albireo’s BIP is one of the most robust business intelligence portals available for energy-based businesses. Some of its base features include:

  • Revenue Tracking
  • Sales Performance
  • Portfolio Insights
  • Contract Analysis
  • Monitoring Pricing Opportunities

With data sharing across all departments, from marketing to contract management, the BIP provides a complete 360-degree view of your leads, customers, contracts, and financials.  Most importantly, the BIP can provide valuable insights into new streams of revenue, whether it’s in different markets or utilities. With BIP’s advanced analysis, you can discover new ways to meet demand in your market and grow your business.

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With greater efficiency in mind, the BIP can add significant value to the energy market that translates to better customer service and stronger broker-customer and broker-supplier relationships across the board.

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