Keeping operational technology (OT) building systems safe from cyber criminals is getting harder every day. Albireo Energy can help.

Recognize the threat

Operational technology systems that control the HVAC, elevators, security, fire alarms, lighting and access are all computer and network based.  As a result, these systems are subject to the same cybersecurity threats as IT systems, but without the necessary protections – making them an easy target for cyber criminals.

The potential problem

OT systems are regularly accessed by contractors, facilities management staff and technicians remotely. This scenario creates major vulnerabilities. Attackers also can find their way into your OT environment through connected devices and converging networks.

Our Solutions

Albireo Energy developed a managed service that is comprehensive and affordable to address the major risk factors.

Cyber Risk Assessment

A detailed risk assessment service identifies cybersecurity vulnerabilities in any OT system.

Remote Network Management

Includes an industry-leading firewall appliance, cloud-hosted network management software and remote administration of the network and all authorized users. 

Server Management

Servers are backed up daily, protected with A/V software, the operating system is patched, and the hardware is continuously monitored for performance degradation.

Software Maintenance Agreement

With this service, your BAS or OT system application software is maintained to be current including all security patches.

Cloud Application Platform Service

The Albireo private cloud hosts your OT applications in a government-certified data center and is fully integrated with our remote network management service.

  • Zero-trust user security and built-in auditing
  • Layered security defense
  • Secure remote communications
  • Remote traffic is encrypted
  • Protects against ransomware
  • Tightly control user access
  • Applications contain the latest software protections
  • Recovery quickly from a cybersecurity event
  • Holistic approach to cyber security
  • Extensive OT and BAS experience
  • Rapid alerts & incident response
  • Deep knowledge of building systems

Understanding your needs

Protect building systems from external threats

Secure the OT network

Support business continuity

Mitigate risks and improve long-term security

Keep on top of the latest cybersecurity threats

Partner with qualified IT/OT cyber security specialists

A tablet that says Power Realtime and shows analytics.

We make buildings cybersmart

As building technology & data converge, we must be more vigilant. Research from Verizon indicates that 45% of breaches featured hacking, 17% involved malware and 22% involved phishing. Targets are shifting, and data is being destroyed instead of encrypted. Albireo Energy’s cybersecurity strategies transform your OT systems from smart to cybersmart.

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