Cyber Security

Keeping building systems safe from cyber criminals is getting harder every day. Albireo Energy can help.

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Recognize the threat

Any system connected to the internet is at risk including your building automation system (BAS). Albireo Energy helps customers implement cyber security strategies to protect their building systems and other valuable devices.

The potential problem

Many organizations create a powerful BAS to oversee their building operations, but forget it’s connected to the internet. Passwords can be generic and easily hacked, leading to compromised security. Since a BAS often communicates with a main computer, it can be used in cyber attacks (by botnets controlling zombie devices) or by malware to attack non-BAS systems. 

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  • Ensure uptime of BAS controls
  • Decrease potential exposure
  • Layered security defense
  • Delineate network layouts
  • Protect critical devices
  • Audit device breach resistance
  • Patch devices on BAS network
  • Track potential threats daily
  • Holistic approach to cyber security
  • Rapid alerts & incident response
  • Experienced IT and BAS staff
  • Deep knowledge of building systems

Understanding your needs

Protect building systems from external threats

Find the ideal BAS configuration

Support business continuity

Mitigate risks and improve long-term security

Orchestrate changes to operational technology (OT) environment

Partner with qualified IT/OT cyber security specialists

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We make buildings cybersmart

As building technology and data converge, we must be more vigilant. Research from Verizon indicates that 45% of breaches featured hacking, 17% involved malware and 22% involved phishing. Targets are shifting, and data is being destroyed instead of encrypted. Don’t delay: Albireo’s cyber security strategies will transform your BAS from smart to cybersmart. 

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What keeps you up at night?

Cyber attacks are increasing worldwide. Organizations need to be proactive to protect their buildings, products and customers. You can rely on Albireo Energy, your trusted BAS partner, to develop an effective cyber security game plan to safeguard your building systems against dark web actors. Get started today.

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