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We see data centers in a different way

Albireo Energy Data Center Solutions provides building and electrical controls and energy services for hyperscale, colocation and enterprise data centers requiring building performance, energy management, decarbonization and sustainability strategies.

Why we’re the leading solutions
provider to data centers globally

  • We know data centers.

    We know building systems and how to give you maximum control over your assets. Why? Because 75%+ of our employees are building technologists – engineers, programmers, integrators, project managers and technicians – who are with you through the life of your building.

  • We have a large footprint.

    We have a global reach and a large footprint of office and people that travel to any location throughout the world.

  • We have vast experience.

    Albireo Energy Data Solutions Center has successfully completed 200+ of data center projects including 8.3 GW and 24M+ square feet of white space.

  • We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions.

    There is no one true technology or single one-size-fits all approach for building owners. We evaluate your business and building needs and design technology solutions that give you maximum control.

  • Our team is highly trained.

    Our team of building performance experts designs and delivers technology and service solutions that give you maximum control of your data center. Our work begins with engineering, project planning and exceptional execution, and extends through maintenance, monitoring, and analytics. At Albireo Energy, our promise is to stay connected.

  • We are vested in your growth as a partner.

    At Albireo Energy, connectivity doesn’t end with project delivery. We are your long-term building performance partners providing a full suite of services to give you maximum control over your data centers.

  • We are technology agnostic.

    We are trusted distributors for every major data center OEM and working across BMS, EPMS and PLC controls platforms. It also means that when you standardize on controls technologies across your data center locations, we can too.

  • Uptime is what we assure.

    Our connectivity doesn’t end with system design, engineering and installation. We offer continuous commissioning, monitoring, analytics for maximum data availability as well as alarm management and energy procurement to decarbonize and keep data centers performing as promised.

Colocation Provider Finds Success Formula

By creating robust BAS and EPMS light systems that monitor the electrical and mechanical systems efficiently through one pane of glass, Albireo solved the customer’s problem. They didn’t want to invest in two expensive systems; instead, they got one solution that effectively monitors both.

Financial Services Data Centers

Albireo created a cloud-based EPMS system that unifies 15 data centers. To facilitate the solution, we partnered with Verizon to establish a private network that Albireo owns and manages. The program is so successful that the customer wants to convert all of the EPMS systems at their U.S. data centers to the cloud.

Financial Services Giant

Albireo Energy serves as systems integrator on a tenant-required controls fit out for a financial giant.We are providing BMS services at a new commercial office building owned by Related Southeast in West Palm Beach, Florida. This high profile financial company signed a lease for two floors at the property. Additional controls requirements were needed for greater system insights and external monitoring.

Turnkey Solutions for BMS and EPMS Systems for Financial Services Giant

Albireo designed, installed, tested and validated powerful BMS/EPMS systems with an identical platform across five U.S. data centers. Phase one featured the installation of $20 million of equipment and software. We worked with three different construction managers and commissioning agents to complete this assignment.

Our Impact

At Albireo Energy, we continue to challenge ourselves to think differently and continuously incorporate sustainability principles into the way we operate, serve and engage.

Let’s Get Connected.

Learn how you can optimise your data center’s performance and reduce your operating expenses while enhancing occupant comfort and system reliability.

Nabil Taha

Nabil Taha

Divisional VP & GM, Data Center Solutions

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