May 31, 2023 | Sustainability

Washington State HB 1257 Energy Reporting: Why You Should Care

Washington State HB 1257 is serious business. It requires owners with buildings of certain sizes to report energy use ……. Here’s why it’s important to take these upcoming dates seriously:

Avoid Penalties

Failing to meet state energy reporting requirements can result in significant fines and other negative consequences for businesses. In addition, not complying with these regulations can also lead to reputational damage and other unintended consequences.

Lower Energy Bills

Energy reporting compliance will help identify areas of potential energy waste and ensure that billing and reporting accuracy is maintained.

Increase Value

Tracking energy use gives you the data you need to make informed decisions to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and potentially secure tax incentives and grants. Transparency around energy use and commitments to reduce helps achieve ESG reporting requirements and demonstrates corporate responsibility.

To learn more about HB 1257, why you should care, how to achieve the requirements and reap the benefits they bring, download our white paper.

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